New office and branding!

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Company

New office!

This month we moved in to a brand new office located on Zomerdijk 2a in Maassluis. Having our own office is a major milestone which comes with many benefits. It allows us to work together even more closely on our projects, receive customers and hosts a large wall to stick our new logo on 😉.

New style!

Talking about our new logo, we are proud to announce our new company branding!

From the past years we have been busy doing what we do, but while doing so we did not have a clear company identity. Most customers knew us as Carlos, Koen or Stephan. 

Now that our company is getting more and more mature we decided it is time for a company identity, starting with a shiny logo and an appealing website.

Eighty what?

Often when we introduce “Eighty Data” we get the question: What does it mean? The data part is easily placed; everything we do is direct or indirectly connected to data. But sooner or later the question is raised: “Why eighty”?

The answer is just as simple as unexpected: We wanted something original but also personal and soon realised that all three founders are born in the 80’s… Hence, Eighty Data! 🙂 


Let's drink coffee!

Do you need help modernizing your IT or move to the cloud? Are you looking to digitalise your workflows, connect existing systems or want to build an app? Or are you in need to visualise your data in Microsoft Power BI?

Let’s connect and discuss how we can help you!

Eighty Data logo office wall

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